Scent of the Day: Ombre de Hyacinth by Tom Ford

Ombre de Hyacinth by Tom Ford Fragrance Review

This fragrance is BIG, but a green-flowery-clean type of big. A soapy hyacinth fragrance that has one hell of a sillage. This is a great take on hyacinth and we give TF a round of applause for making this the perfect spring-summer unisex fragrance. The hyacinth is complemented by violet leaf, galbanum, pink peppers, and a veil of ultra soapy musk. If you are a fan of big, soapy fragrances then this is a must try. This is a feel good, relaxing scent that will have you smelling like a million bucks. It is sophisticated, classy, and may be well worth the price tag when you look at the powerful sillage and longevity of this fragrance.

A scent that can work on both masculine and feminine types alike and never drifts to one side more than the other. It is a refreshing blend of notes that create the feel of walking into a Beverly Hills flower shop in the summer. The air is hot and dry, but you feel refreshed and vibrant immediately after walking in and smelling all of the wonderful florals. This is how you will feel with Ombre de Hyacinth, except your flower shop will have an emphasis on hyacinth and will be drizzled with clean soapiness.

Samples start at $5.99

Ombre de Hyacinth Tom Ford


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