Scent of the Day: Incredible Things by Taylor Swift Perfume Review

Taylor Swift Incredible Things

When first looking at the bottle, we imagine that Incredible Things is a light and fresh floral filled spring fragrance. Something girly and soft, not straying far from most celebrity scents. Although, this bottle plays a trick on us, because it is completely the opposite! Taylor Swift has really impressed us with her new fragrance and has strayed from her previous fragrances, giving us a new scent that is definitely along the lines of incredible (especially for a celeb scent). This is leathery passion flower and edgy pink pepper with a veil of creamy, vanilla woods. It has a great lasting power and is much more mature than any of her previous scents. It’s almost as if Taylor Swift’s perfumes are growing up along with her. This is for early twenties and beyond. A scent that brings forth an aroma that is fun and edgy, but also sophisticated and pleasing. An everyday scent that works just as well in the day as it does at night.

Incredible things opens with peppered grapefruit and has a heart of passion flowers and vanilla orchid, wrapped up in a blanket of velvety suede. The base is sophisticated and creamy with musk, amber, vetiver, and madagascar vanilla. This scent is definitely the type of scent that we might imagine Swift wearing herself. It evokes a confident presence along with a charming edge. This is lightly gourmand, but never becomes cloying or overwhelming in any sense. A fragrance that works best in mild to cold weather, but can be versatile if sprayed sparingly in the heat or at night in the summer. Overall, this can’t be compared to her other scents because it is a totally new creation. We think that this might just be Swift’s best creation yet.

Samples start at $2.49

Taylor Swift Incredible Things




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